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"Close Encounters & Extradimmensional Experiences"

Caryl Dennis’ curiosity about metaphysical phenomena was inspired by growing up in a haunted house, without the benefit of an adult who could explain what was happening to her.  Her subsequent, wide-ranging variety of experience has included a UFO sighting/close encounter that left physical evidence; psychic and dream-time contact with non-physical entities, including her “Vanished Twin” Karyl; dimensional shifts; light anomalies; and any number of ESP events connected to her 25 years as a professional intuitive counselor.  Caryl will discuss a number of these occurrences in detail.  


Her equally eclectic research, some of which Caryl will also share, encompasses people who gained new knowledge as a result of UFO/ET experiences; the “Vanishing Twin Phenomenon”; the Millennium Children (also known as Indigos , Rainbows, Crystals or hybrids); the “ET’s” – who they are and what they want; the science of Colorology; and even proper planning for the end of one’s physical life!



Caryl believes that whatever our personal experience has or has not been, we can help each other by understanding the commonalities among metaphysical phenomena previously studied separately.  Her lecture is intended as a step in that direction.



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Exploring commonalities across the spectrum of metaphysical experiences. 



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