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"Paranormal Investigators"



Paranormal exploration has become scientific to the degree that we now have instruments developed to assist us in picking up not only the possible traces of people who have passed away but their voices along with sounds of their life here on earth in the form of songs, horse and buggy moving along a driveway, guns firing in the civil war including groans of agony as the bullets fired hit the human targets. Working in the UFO/Abduction research field has recently shown me that the two appear to blend, meet, and connect. Captured electronic voice recordings seem to be possible messages sent from ETs and not those sent from the spirit realm. Full bodied apparitions in photos taken by abductees in attempts to see what is haunting them have suddenly given them even more to be confused or disturbed about. Their photos turn up indicating there may be not only the hazy form of the ET the abductee believed was standing by their bedside but the figure of a long passed relative looking in to the room from a doorway, mirror, or closet. This is just a portion of what we struggle to interpret, analyze, and understand today. Having worked in both the paranormal and UFO fields allows me to see the commonalities between the two fields in investigative methods along with statistical results we are beginning to collect. There are still some vast differences that cause us to question whether the paranormal and abduction experiencers somehow meet in a "sort of" transparent medium some of us are allowed to view for just a brief moment in time - and if they do, how and why? Some of the processes included in a paranormal investigation involve a witness developing psychic ability following a possible abduction, paranormal activity beginning or increasing following a possible abduction, also investigating an ongoing "haunting" with no involvement in abduction. We now must become familiar with two mysterious fields - both involving visitors from "another place and time".



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